Stirling Baptist Church


Project Architect

Inglis & Carr

Location and Community Context

67 Murray Place, Stirling

Project Description

Build Date Project Date Cost Listing
1851 1980 Unkown B

Following many years of being vacant and neglected with proposals for commercial use coming and going, Stirling South Church (J W H and J M Hay, Liverpool 1851-3 ) was acquired by Stirling Baptist Church (SBC). SBC was located close by on the south side of Murray Place and an opportunity arose for that building to be acquired by developers of what is now the Thistle Centre. A combination of sale proceeds and grants from the Scottish Development Agency and Historic Scotland facilitated the internal transformation of the former South Church. This now includes a new floor inserted at gallery level, new meeting and other facilities at what would originally have been the main entrance floor level, a lift from street level to all upper levels, a new build sports hall to the rear and a large space with catering kitchen for church and community use at street level.

Further Information

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