St. Stephen’s Church


Project Architect


Location and Community Context

Fettes Row / St Vincent Place, New Town, Edinburgh

Project Description

Build Date Project Date Cost Listing
1828 2014 £500,000 A

Designed by William Henry Playfair (1789 - 1857) between 1827 - 28, St. Stephen's is designed in the classical style to a giant scale with a square plan containing an octagon, set diagonally behind pinnacled tower with a tunnel porch and steps at base. The building was refubished in 1880 by the architect David Rhind (1808–1883). The church interior went through a extensive alterations during the 1950's as a result of the congregation's decline. The building was purchased in 2014 by a local entrepreneur and placed in a trust run by the local members of the area. The trust aims to secure the building for the use of future generations and to contribute to the community life of the area. The building continued to operate as an ecclesiastical space and in recent years has played host to a number of shows including a numbe of Fringe and dance shows. Recently announced plans propose to safeguard the building as community and arts venue for the city.

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