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Build Date Project Date Cost Listing
1884 2011 £243.6k C

In 2011 St. Ninians Church in Stirling undertook a large programme of repairs and upgrades to their 1840s church hall. The blonde sandstone hall is a C listed early Free Church building. The congregation were able to obtain a grant from the Climate Challenge Fund of £142,000 for the work which involved strapping and lining the walls, insulating, installing secondary glazing, redecorating and modernisation of all services. They also received a grant to install air to air source heat pumps. The air source heat pumps have a near instant response and are effective down to -15OC. The project cost a total of £243,600 with a 70% grant contribution. Whilst encountering many challenges during the process, not least the discovery of rotted joist ends and structural issues, the project illustrates the possibilities for upgrading the thermal performance of a listed building.

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