St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church


Project Architect

ARPL Architects

Location and Community Context

Barrhill Road, Gourock

Project Description

Build Date Project Date Cost Listing
1857 2011 £220k B

The 19th century clifftop church is a landmark on the Clyde, designed by J C Sharp in 1857 and extended by HD Walton in 1857, and it’s simple exterior belies the fine details and quality of the interior. Comprehensive repairs of the fabric and re-ordering of the church has provided flexible accommodation that adapts to contemporary use and worship. The church has suffered coastal weather extremes and condition of the roof, windows and stone caused great concern and maintenance was becoming a burden to the small congregation. Through HLF / HS funding for comprehensive repairs the building exterior fabric has been brought back to a good condition. repairs included re-roofing, timber treatment, repair of stained and leaded glass windows, stonework repairs and interior water damage. The repairs were combined with a re-ordering project of the interior, including conversion of a side aisle for a hall, installation of a kitchen and upgrade to the vestry rooms. Pews were removed and the interior re-decorated and the congregation now have a revitalised building that is fully flexible and has adapted to their contemporary needs.