Augustine United Church


Project Architect

Rosalind Taylor, Tod & Taylor Architects

Location and Community Context

George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Project Description

Build Date Project Date Cost Listing
1857 1996 £406,000 B

This phased programme was to alter and adapt the Church to provide a better more flexible worship place and to create offices for use by Charities. A further aim was to make the building more accessible in every sense, welcoming people in from George IV Bridge. Augustine United Church is a United Reformed Church in Edinburgh, designed by J, W H & J M Hay with a combination of Renaissance, Romanesque and Classical architectural features. The initial phase included new glazed entrance doors, a glazed screen forming an entrance hall with a view into the Sanctuary, a new stair and lift linking the ground and lower ground and toilets and pantry at ground floor level. In further phases a small theatre was formed in the basement in particular for use in the Edinburgh Festival. The spire was refurbished with Historic Scotland and HLF funding, and a level access was formed to the South of the property. The building is now open every day, with a number of charities running their offices there, and with organisations such as the National Trust for Scotland holding their lectures in the main hall.

Further Information

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